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Birthday surprise for the little puppy

Donghae at TVXQ’s tour backstage (YunHae bros)
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kibum photobombing taemin

pls excuse me whilst i drown in a puddle of my own tears

from 4things


(at smtown)

(key shaking his head at taem’s educational comments. taemin is explaining how their in-ears work)

k: can you really fill up an hour on this show? will it really air?

t: no, our fans might find this stuff fascinating! they might not know how it works..

k: i don’t know.. just hurry up and tell them about my gift already.

t: i already did, we filmed it. it was a wallet, thank you. i’ll make a lot of money, i’ll work hard!

k: it’s my birthday next month, so..

t: ah! oh yeah!

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